Summer Trainings at Anthem Church are coming up! Sign Up Now!

Posted by Adidas NW Juniors Volleyball club on May 14 2018 at 09:23AM PDT

Summer Trainings “Anthem Church”
June 5th through August 2nd. Nothing scheduled for the week of the 4th of July.

10 players per session.

Cost: $25 per session, “Min 8 sessions”

1pm12’s & 13’s all around training
2pm14’s & 15’s all around training
3pm16’s & 18’s all around Training

4-5:30pm Motion Dynamics (Speed, Agility & Jump Training)

1pm 12’s & 13’s setters training
2pm 14’s & 15’s setters Trainings
3pm 16’s & 18’s setters Trainings

1pm 12’s & 13’s Hitters Training
2pm 14’s & 15’s Hitters Trainings
3pm 16’s & 18’s Hitters Trainings

4-5:30pm Motion Dynamics (Speed, Agility & Jump Training)

Hurry and sign up as there are 10 spots available in each session, first to sign up get in. Please email Jeff Folsom @ to register your daughter or son. Please note the age groups and times are set to keep ability and skill level similar in each session.

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